Helping a Berlin-based startup scale design operations and grow their design maturity

Humanoo design system

The challenge

During its 6-year existence, the Humanoo organisation has experienced steady growth and an expanding client portfolio as well as rising numbers of active users.

The component styles and screen layouts within the company’s app were allowed to evolve organically and, as a result, a slightly new look and feel was introduced with every new designer. Under these circumstances, improving consistency and reusability for faster development cycles and quick feature additions presented a major improvement opportunity.

Inspired by Futurice’ work for another Berlin-based company 8fit, Humanoo’s Chief Design Officer reached out to us for support.  

Humanoo UI designs

Our approach

With a team made up of a design lead, a senior tech advisor, and a UX/UI/design system expert, we first assessed the current state of the existing components, their implementation in the code, and related workflows, roles and responsibilities. Interviews with Humanoo’s designers and developers helped us understand the pains and needs related to the design system.

At the same time, our tech advisor worked with the native Android and iOS developers to set up a supporting structure for the implementation of the designs, the token system and white-labelling. The iOS and Android gallery apps displayed each style and component for easy comparison between design and implementation in code.

Impact of our work

Setting up the design system and supporting workflows enabled Humanoo to scale their business by increasing speed through consistency, reusability and cleaner workflows. 

  • Increasing the reusability of design components from 5% to 80%
  • Additional brands can now be added effortlessly, enabling our client to expand their customer portfolio more quickly.
  • Improved workflows and communication between developers and designers
  • Clearer roles for editing and ownership of the design system
Humanoo yoga exercise

When it comes to design expertise Futurice brings the full package:  Expertise in DesignOps, expertise in design systems, prototyping and UX design. 

Our clients

Trusted as well as open and direct communication, both on project and client lead sides.

Our clients

Flexibility to adapt to scaleup life and challenges.

Prioritizing what is needed in the context and being a flexible and trusted partner when changes where necessary.

Our clients

Research, design & advisory

Understanding status quo and needs

  • Interviews with Humanoo team to understand needs
  • Assessment of existing components, graphics, icons
  • Accessibility check for colours


  • Setup of a component library structure
  • Implementing token system with white label support
  • Proposal for accessible color pairings
  • Support for component setup and nesting
  • Re-design of the discovery section UI and detail views


  • Advising on aligned workflows and communication
  • Proposing Roles and ownership concept for the design system 
  • Proposing screen transition and navigation concepts
  • Tech advisory around implementation